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Office Makeovers: Boosting Employee Morale with Color

Have you ever walked into a working space and felt instantly drained?

Or maybe you’ve experienced quite the opposite, entering an office space that sparks creativity and improves your workflow efficacy.

The truth is that the design of your workspace can significantly impact how you feel and function throughout the day. Colors, in particular, play a powerful role in one’s moods and behaviors.

So, if you’re looking for quick and effective ways to boost employee morale and productivity, a strategic office makeover with the right focus on color might just be what you need.

The Psychology Behind Color

Before we begin exploring different office paint color options, let’s take a look at the fascinating psychology between colors and human emotions.

The color of a room can actually determine how an individual perceives temperature. Colors can also affect a person’s emotional response.

Different hues can evoke different feelings, and understanding these associations can be incredibly beneficial when designing office spaces.

Blue: Often associated with feelings of calmness and peace, blue is a great choice for conference rooms or relaxation areas. It can promote clear thinking and focus, making it ideal for brainstorming sessions.

Green: Linked to nature and growth, green creates a sense of balance and renewal. It can help reduce stress and eye strain, making it suitable for open workspaces or computer-intensive tasks.

Yellow: Yellow is known for its energizing properties. It can boost creativity and optimism, perfect for collaborative work areas or break rooms. However, use yellow sparingly, as too much can lead to overstimulation.

Red: Red is a stimulating color that can increase alertness and energy. Use it strategically in small doses, perhaps as accent walls in brainstorming rooms or common areas.

Designing with Color in Mind

an office room with a desk.

While paint color is a significant factor, incorporating color throughout your entire office design is also important.

Here are some things to consider:


Consider opting for furnishings with a pop of color to create designated collaboration zones or energize break rooms.


You can introduce vibrant artwork and photography that complements your chosen color palette and adds a touch of character to the space.


Greenery is a powerful mood booster. Plants add a touch of nature and life to your office, promoting a sense of well-being,  reducing stress, and adding some ‘green’ to your space.

Get Started with a Colorful Makeover in Moreno Valley

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